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MACTAN Economic Zone

Cebu Factory (COZO FILTERS PHILIPPINES CORPORATION) is located in MACTAN Economic Zone in Mactan island, Cebu state, middle of Philippines. It is popular as a southern tourist leisure resort and famous for the destination of Magellan, who achieved a round-the-world trip in the Age of Exploration.
MACTAN Economic Zone is a special economic zone managed by PEZA (PHILIPPINE ECONOMIC ZONE AUTHORITY) directly controlled by Philippines government and many Japanese companies have operations.

MACTAN Economic Zone is nearer from Japan, located at the center of Asia, being a strategic business base. It takes five minutes to Mactan Cebu International Airport and 20 minutes to Cebu Port, so that geographical conditions are favorable. Political situation is stable and friendly policy such as a special economic zone is available. English is a national language. Diligent national character. From the standpoint of the above, the environment can be said to be the most suitable for expanding business on a global basis.
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