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To support camera industry by optical technique

We have contributed to the domestic and international development of camera industry for more than a half century since our establishment in 1938 through merchandise and lens filters.

With the recent spread of digital cameras and expansion of the middle class in developing countries, the demand for cameras, which used to be a restricted to the affluent classes, has rapidly increased. Of late, video imaging using a camera is common, and an incomparably large amount of pictures and images are taken in daily life.

In the context of such great changes in the business environment, we think that our mission is not only to correspond to a variety of customers’ needs but also, while taking their potential needs in advance, to flexibly reflect sophisticated technical capabilities in products.

With the utmost efforts, we will continue to study techniques and to aim for the creation of new value supported by such techniques.
We appreciate your further cooperation and encouragement going forward.


Akira Ishikawa, President and Representative Director

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