soratama product information

Both Soratama 72 and a handmade soratama made of a marble and a cookie box use essentially the same construction.
Exactly because of this simple construction, soratama presents a world so deep to attract people.
"High quality " at "an affordable price" -- that is our answer.

To realize soratama photographs of an even superior quality.

soratama 72 embodies the long-time aspiration of Zenji Uehara, an experimental photographer who invented soratama. The mission entrusted with us, COZO FILTERS engineers was to realize "excellent optical and industrial performance." At the same time, we were asked to provide soratama, which had been enjoyed as a handmade hobby tool, at "affordable pricing."

Combining performance and affordability in a good balance, soratama 72 can be readily fit onto a variety of cameras.

An optical ball lens creates higher quality pictures. The metal frame realizes a solid construction. soratama 72 enables you to shoot soratama photographs of even superior qualities.

Soratama 72 performance test using a collimator

Realizes a high resolution.

To check the image quality performance of soratama, we measured even the slightest angle differences and deflection. It is an apparatus which, in short, combines a telescope and a microscope, to measure the deviation of a perfect straight ray going through a soratama.
The measurement result demonstrates that the quality of Soratama 72 is even higher than we expected.

Without soratama

When no soratama is set on the measuring apparatus.
The measurement in this condition is used as a reference value.

soratama 72

The result demonstrates that Soratama 72 using optical glass has a very high resolution.

Acrylic ball

The measurement with an acrylic material showed a large distortion and deflection.

soratama 72 product specification
Filter diameter: 72mm
Ball lens material: optical glass
Glass thickness: 2.8mm
Filter frame height: 8.0mm
Extension tube height: 5mm/10mm/20mm
Frame & extension tube material: aluminum
Surface treatment: Alumite (anodic treatment)
Printing: silk screen printing