How soratama is made

Soratamas are manufactured at Sano Factory of COZO FILTERS CORPORATION in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture.
Soratama capitalizes on the company's knowhow in manufacturing camera and camcorder filters accumulated over 70 years since its foundation.

Made in Japan, Made in Sano.

Soratama manufacturing processes

Here, you can see the manufacturing processes of soratama in a video clip.
Soratamas are manufactured building on the techniques and knowhow we have developed over years from manufacturing camera and camcorder lenses.
Even though having a factory in Cebu Island, the Philippines, too, COZO FILTERS decided that soratamas should be all "made in Japan" -- they are manufactured at Sano Factory in Tochigi Prefecture.

Cutting and chamfering

A plate is machined into the filter size.
To make precise dimensions, the work piece is machined again and again to the desired size.


A hole for fitting a ball (ball lens) is drilled on the glass piece.
This process requires accuracy to ensure that soratama will be placed at the center.


The glass piece is immersed in more than one chemical fluids to remove unwanted substances. The process is under a fully automated machine control.

Inspection and assembly

The final assembly and inspections are carried out manually and visually by operators.
The product goes through an impact test and an assembly check.。


Package boxes are assembled and every finished product is packed with affection and care.
The package is designed to fully protect the ball glass.


After all these processes, a soratama is finally delivered to you.
Now, just enjoy your soratama photography!